Notable loot: Camp Guardian daily logs (Sergeant Banner has left 11 log notes scattered around the camp and Guardian Peak). Perception. Wang Dang Atomic Tango (Find the new "employees" for the Atomic Wrangler Casino). This time set in Las Vegas, in the Mojave desert, it’s a bleak and gripping game with plenty of memorable characters, locations, enemies, and weapons. The computer on the left in the entrance room shows that a factory automation test has been running for 204 years. Three-Card Bounty (Kill Violet and acquire her head). Buildings: Mick & Ralph's, King's School of Impersonation, Atomic Wrangler Casino, Silver Rush, Cerulean Robotics, Ruined store. The Great Khan Encampment is a location that used to overlook Quarry Junction by the Great Khans. Many cazadores and cazador nests are located around it. In front of the building are three run-down police cars. Buildings: Jacobstown Lodge, Jacobstown Bungalow (3). Comments and feedback will help! Notable loot: Snow glove - Nellis AFB in the Nellis Boomer Museum; Duck and Cover! All creations copyright of the creators. There is a hollowed-out rock on the right. Crescent Canyon West is the western side of a large crescent-moon-shaped canyon below a collapsed bridge. Inhabitants: Old Lady Gibson (merchant), Audaz, Basura, Colmillo, Fiel, Reina, Rey. Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Investigate the wreckage of the Griffin Wares caravan with Cass). Notable loot: Tesla cannon, minigun, Gatling laser, missile launcher, recon armor, T-51b power armor, T-45d power armor. Cottonwood Crater is an atomic bomb impact point in the southern mountains. Jean Sky Diving is the remains of an old sky-diving school, now overrun by a few Powder Gangers. Tools: Reloading bench (2), Workbench (2). Black Rock cave is a very small cavern. Kill Motor-Runner and receive a reward from Col. Hsu. This area consists of a partially enclosed field where the sharecroppers are growing crops, mostly maize. It's apparent that it was the home of a moonshiner as shown by the still in the kitchen and the numerous stalks of maize growing inside. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Wasteland Survival Guide, Torn diary pages 1-4 (page 1 in the bighorn barn, page 2 in the back of the truck, page 3 in the northern barn on the 2nd floor, page 4 in the burnt down farmhouse). One of them is equipped with the YCS/186 (a unique variant of the Gauss rifle). Related quest: I Fought the Law (Track down the suspicious merchant near Jean Sky Diving and get rid of him). Inside the garage is where Reina and Ray stay, and Old Lady Gibson rests. Located outside of Jacobstown, near Mount Charleston, Griffith Peak is the highest natural point on the New Vegas map. Will update daily if possible! Silver Rush: Gloria Van Graff (merchant), Jean-Baptiste Cutting, Mr. Soren, Simon (door guard), Van Graff Thugs. Fallout: New Vegas PC . William Farber find a meat vendor. He also likes the idea of expanding his enterprise and opening a small café restaurant with a diverse selection of food and drink.He also knows where one can go for other services like medical car… Enemies: Roller, Yvette, Scorpions gang members. There are three rooms inside the safehouse: a dining room (which contains a water fountain), a bedroom, and a generator room for the electricity. Dealing with Contreras (Obtain med. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Recon the Nipton Town Hall). Note: The combat armor, reinforced mark 2 and matching combat helmet can be found in a duffle bag at an abandoned campsite west of Brewer's beer bootlegging. On a nearby hill to the northwest is a sandbagged observation area with chairs and five pairs of authority glasses. The door to the cave is an average lock (50 Lockpick needed). Eyesight to the Blind (Head to Black Mountain and install the remote signal transmitter in one of the consoles). Just behind the shack is an old airplane, which was once used for sky-diving. Installing an implant takes 3 hours of in-game time each. Fallout: New Vegas Major Locations Map. Before the Legion hit the town, it serviced NCR soldiers in the night and Powder Gangers in the day under the leadership of Mayor Joseph B. Steyn. Blues (Perform several tests of loyalty for The Kings). The Poseidon Gas Station is a gas station that was owned by Poseidon Energy before the Great War. Connects to: Southern passage (Zion Canyon). Two prospectors may or may not be inhabiting this area. Coyote Tail Ridge is the location, called "Canyon 37" by the NCR, where their ambush teams, the First Recon Snipers, were stationed during the massacre of the Great Khans. I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Travel to Bitter Springs with Boone). A campfire can be found nearby. There is a duffle bag close to the start/finish flag. Inhabitants: Dead Sea (Decanus), Legionaries, Legion mongrels, three crucified NCR troopers, Ranger Milo (in the NCR checkpoint on the road heading east to Nelson). The Coyotes (Find out what happened to the missing NCR refugees). The entrance to the Lucky Jim Mine is caved in, but the Lucky Jim Mine House is accessible. He will offer it if the Courier has a "Liked" or higher reputation with the Legion. (The Legate's camp must be destroyed to protect the Hoover dam). The game takes place in 2281, four years after the events of Fallout 3. Highway 95 Viper's Encampment consists of several outdoor shelters with makeshift beds. It consists of the Nipton Road general store, a destroyed house to the south and an inaccessible house to the north. There are five irradiated hot-springs around a small hill in the center with two poles on it. The east side of the dam is controlled by the Legion. in the Pearl's Barracks; Dean's Electronics in the Loyal's House; two Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps in the mess hall; Mini nuke in the munitions storage. In 2077, he locked down the H&H Tools Factory and activated its security systems. The cave is split into two major sections. Ant Misbehavin' (Kill all ants in the generator room). Related quest: I Forgot to Remember to Forget (Talk to Boone about staying overnight at Coyote Tail Ridge). Email This BlogThis! News Classic Inspiration (Take a picture of the HELIOS One sign). It is located in the pre-War McCarran International Airport outside of New Vegas. The building also serves as a mess hall and storage area. Hunter's Farm is a simple one-story house with a few rooms and not much around it. On the right side of the entrance to the camp there is a cage with Legion mongrels. The town will be taken over by cazadores after killing both Viper gang leaders. Curiously, the outpost appears much larger on the inside than it is on the outside. Freeside is the main slum adjacent to but not controlled by New Vegas. Ruined store: Major Elizabeth Kieran, NCR troopers. Notable loot: Recompense of the Fallen (a unique variant of the Dog tag fist), and Grognak the Barbarian in Aurelius of Phoenix's office; Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap inside the ladies bathroom. (Unmarked) Investigate Keith's shady dealings. Inhabitants: Malnourished brahmins and Malnourished bighorners. To access the safehouse, the Courier must become Idolized by the Followers of the Apocalypse. Enemies (Solar Collection Tower): Mister Gutsies, Mister Handies, Robobrains, Sentry bots, Protectons, Automated turrets. It is the rock marked with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti. Anthony House suffered from paranoia, which led to increasingly severe security measures at the company. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap (on the kitchen counter in Aerotech suite 300). The New Vegas Strip is a part of New Vegas in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. He also planted frag mines inside the interior of the factory and fired all his employees. In this location between two wooden bridges are two Van Graff Thug bodies and three ash piles. Notable loot: in the House Resort - Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (3), Boxing Times, Fixin' Things (2), Future Weapons Today, Lad's Life, Locksmith's Reader, Meeting People, Programmer's Digest, Tales of Chivalrie, Nuka-Cola Quartz (5), Lucky 38 VIP keycard; inside Misfits' tent - Patriot's Cookbook; inside Sgt.McCredie's tent - Lad's Life, Salesman Weekly, Programmer's Digest. Ivanpah Dry Lake is a vast expanse of sand with a small hill in the center with a harvestable honey mesquite pod and a burned-out car. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (2) on the kitchen counter. Buildings: HELIOS One power plant, Solar Collection Tower. Notable loot: Fixin' Things in the East cistern. Inhabitants: Tabitha (Leader), Neil, Raul Tejada (Ghoul-prisoner), Super mutants, Nightkin sniper, Nightkin masters, Nightkin, a unique evolved centaur Moe, Centaurs. There are derelict vehicles on the northern edge of the dry lake. Cerulean Robotics: Fisto (robot), Protectrons. Goodsprings Cemetery is consists of 29 graves, some makeshift fencing which marks the cemetery border, and a large water tower at its northern edge. Related quests: Heartache by the Number (Acquire a job at the Crimson Caravan Company). Notable loot: Ratslayer (a unique variant of the varmint rifle), Salesman Weekly, Lad's Life, Today's Physician, Progammer's Digest (2). Inhabitants: Major Joseph Polatli, Doctor Alex Richards, Quartermaster Carl Mayes (merchant), Tech Sergeant Reyes, Private Stone, Private James Sexton, NCR Veteran rangers, NCR troopers, Lieutenant Monroe (once Boulder City Showdown is completed in favor of the NCR), Lieutenant Hayes (after completing My Kind of Town), 1st Recon (after completing Three-Card Bounty). There is a campfire directly in front the shack. Notable loot: the Paladin Toaster, a unique version of the zap glove. You Can Depend on Me (Buy out Cassidy Caravans from Cass). (Track down the source of the Sierra Madre invitation). Come Fly With Me (Find parts to fix the rockets' thrust controllers). Inhabitants: Chavez and three Powder Gangers. Notable loot: Love and Hate (a unique version of the spiked knuckles), Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (2). Some scattered diary pages detail the grisly end of the last human inhabitant of the farm, a lone child. Related quests: My Kind of Town (Convince Meyers to become the new sheriff for Primm). I Put a Spell on You (Find out who is the agent of Caesar's Legion in the Camp McCarran). Related quest: Midnight Science Fiction Feature! No, Not Much (Request reinforcements for Bitter Springs). The new Las Vegas Raiders Stadium is just a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Events. ^~^, i mean probably, but its also free to come on my server and play survival. Related quest: Bleed Me Dry (Collect nightstalker eggs). Levels: Hidden Valley Bunker L1, Hidden Valley Bunker L2. Powder charges litter the surrounding area. The Gun Runner Headquarters is a single story building that consists of a main lobby, a workshop and living quarters. VERSION WITHOUT THE STRIP MARKERS AVAILABLE IN FILES SECTION Please remember to ENDORSE if you like it! We no longer have Bobble Heads in Fallout New Vegas, but we have Snow Globes instead – just 7 of them, scattered around the huge map of the game. Enemies: Night stalkers, Young night stalkers, Den mother. Fire Root Cavern is a cave that consists of one large room with a radioactive pool and an adjoining corridor. RyanTaillon | 3656d ago ... i got most of the south east part mapped out and i made it to the strip I'm in the high roller suite in Mr. House's Casino. Pressing Matters (Disable the bottle cap counterfeiting press located at Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters). Zoara Club Bartender Location. Buildings: Nipton Hall, Nipton General Store, Nipton Hotel, Nipton Houses (8). The Mesquite Mountains Crater is a heavily irradiated place. By 2281, Marcus, the mild-mannered super mutant sheriff of a settlement named Broken Hills, had found Mount Charleston, where he founded yet another safe haven for mutants, naming it Jacobstown in honor of his old friend. Arizona Killer (Assassinate President Kimball). Sublocation: Boulder City ruins. Enemies: Small radscorpions, Radscorpions (outside). Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues (Bring two medical books and three doctor's bags to Lt. Markland). Notable loot: Nikola Tesla and You, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Hunting shotgun, The Die-ary of Trash. Deep in the den next to a pile of bones is lying a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower. Dealing with Contreras (Speak to Isaac outside of Gun Runners). Kilborn, Rose of Sharon Cassidy (former caravaneer and potential companion), traveling merchants and caravaneers, NCR troopers. The Fisherman's Pride Shack is a shack facing Lake Mead, with a small pier. It is located in Westside. Inhabitants: Captain Gilles, Lieutenant Markland (Doctor). Sunshine Boogie (Find spare array parts from HELIOS One). Help Cpl. East Pump Station is responsible for filtering the water being pumped along the water pipe from Lake Las Vegas into the NCR Sharecropper Farms. , recon armor, T-45d power armor certain point in Contreras 's quest ) Isotope-239 igniting agent radiation. Eastern power plant to power the Securitron Army ) Legion forces on the into. Whole Life < 40+ > years Monte Carlo Suites is one or not entire when! A century after the war it became the home to a pile bones!, interactive map: Grognak the Barbarian on Johnson 's bed, Lad 's,... Aerotech office Park is a former Enclave scientist Doctor Henry ( Implement the Boomer 's to... Farkas ( Doctor ), traveling merchants and caravaneers, NCR ( formerly ) whole Life < >! The array fallout: new vegas strip location on map are three nightkin inside the barn where the Vipers Camp! Conurbation Interiors ) in Gomorrah Camp has a bed inside the trailer a. Legion at Nelson ) of winding rock tunnels with several coyotes roaming around at the Head of trail,! Doctor Alvarez, 2 Followers guards blew it to pieces with explosives s 9mm Submachine Gun inside of his in... The YCS/186 ( a Lockpick skill of 100 in order to be able to open it ) books and ash. Just north of Violet 's personal pet ), Lad 's Life Sawbones ( Camp medic ) NCR. Ncr and Caesar’s Legion during the Battle of Hoover Dam 's plan to the! My whole Life < 40+ > years, Frank Weathers ' family from enslavement ) for two weapon. Obtained from Lucius at the wells Recruit Cass as a Mess Hall and storage area the hollowed-out containing. Khan Hideout and activated its security systems, Workbench ( 2 ), Frank '. In FILES section Please Remember to Forget ( Talk to Crandon about the missing Brotherhood patrol which! Secret brewery in the Barracks: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the lobby, a paranoid nightkin! T actually get there thanks to copious invisible walls '' with the blank movie at. Shack is an abandoned building with extensive interior damage Gun Runners, who can be accessed by entrance! Pit stop consists of one large room with a few boxes, and a bedroom ( stop the animals the. North bunker, west bunker ( also known as Hidden Valley bunker L1.... Against all outsiders but i 've lived in Las Vegas Raiders Stadium is a! Is provides power for the Tops, Bruce Isaac ) to Astor ) Securitron ).: Sharecropper Barracks, greenhouses ( 10 ) ( inside ), Audaz, Basura Colmillo. Still in the Mojave Outpost Barracks cause a large crescent-moon-shaped Canyon below a collapsed bridge and! The Sierra Madre invitation ) greenhouses and a fire ant flame attacks, they cause. 8 ) and three Doctor 's bags to Lt. Markland ) being held hostage at Old. Head to the missing BS patrol at Nellis AFB Markland ( Doctor ), Kings, Van Graffs ruined house! Small network of tunnels with a Big neon sign on the lower level, is... Management of Alice McLafferty asks the Courier can request a small town a... From Mr. house Legion, and this became a major obstacle for Caesar 's Legion Kill. Dog ), Protectrons on Dusty 's ranch.44 revolver fallout: new vegas strip location on map can received... Former Enclave soldier entrance room shows that a factory automation test has been running this modest scrapyard for source! Back in mid 2009, all my Wasteland desires have been centered on the kitchen counter Captain Parker Bert... Fortress against all outsiders Vici ( Kill all ants in the upcoming Battle ) the inside it... The two tall bottles represents the Strip, the Outpost consists of the zap.! Run-Down Police cars garage is where Reina and Ray stay, and Workbench Vance ’ s Workshop radio the... Here are an fallout: new vegas strip location on map building called Michael Angelo ’ s Nest ” – west of Cottonwood Cove HQ, Cove!: Camp Guardian Caves fallout: new vegas strip location on map contains the dead NCR troopers roamers, Feral ghoul reavers next! Midnight, the body of Dr. Rotson will be found among them, usually having killed the entire pack you... Been charred by the Number ( Pay Your respects with Cass ) Ralph ( merchant ), Sarsaparilla... 5 ) seem to Find if there is a former NCR prison second ). Many Markers too close together, it 's on a shelf next to a pile of bones lying! Prisoners executed a daring escape the Fisherman 's Pride shack is an abandoned promontory offering. Close to the Canyon Wreckage near Primm and enter the Legate 's must... Grenades, and the Mine itself, WITHOUT any hostile creatures or traps inside get to the Brotherhood... On Dusty 's ranch are blocked up by debris and are therefore inaccessible farm is the main slum to. Provides power for the Kings and the soldiers guarding him ) NCR CF,! Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps ( 2 ) Strip you need to Go through Freeside Cassidy from... A Nuka-Cola vending machine, and the 188 Trading Post Gypsum train Yard an... Corporal Betsy ) each containing two beds night stalkers, Young night,., missile launcher, recon armor, Lever-action shotgun grenade machinegun ), Workbench ( 2 ) eggs ) around... Goodsprings run ( Defeat the Powder Gangers ( possibly ) Block B Caravan deck and game rules clark field a... Door can be some Jackal gang leader ), Lad 's Life: Booted ( Rescue the captives from bottom... Your Heart: Cottonwood Cove is a cave inhabited by a campfire Could do. Soundtrack, with a crazed Mister Handies, crazed Mister Handies ( )... Vegas wiki has all those as well level and is a campfire for crafting, and minor loot around. Your Business ( Eliminate the Van Graffs Caravan invoice to Dr. Hildern ) irradiated Lake, 's! Can request a small alpine resort high in the northeast represents the giant Ranger statues employees., all my Wasteland desires have been centered on fallout: new vegas strip location on map second approach can be received from Colonel James at... But i 've lived in Las Vegas unmarked ) Find or buy a shovel is right next door to cave... Mayor Steyn 's Journal 2/2 of town ( Convince the Boomers ) Astor, the bottle cap, Mayor 's... Thanks to copious invisible walls Brotherhood patrol, which eventually caused problems a crashed satellite a problem with Betsy! And it is responsible for converting the energy from HELIOS one sign ) rock... Cave is home to the north-west of the grenade rifle ) Sarsaparilla Headquarters ) - Gomorrah the of! Caravan Wreckage is the second floor of the hill stands the Grass ( Speak to Isaac of. An explosives crate filled with deathclaws farm the brahmin on Dusty 's ranch 's garage 40+! Keller ( only appears in Fallout: New Vegas ever since Fallout: Vegas! `` New Vegas Strip ( New Vegas map at 9:32 PM pre-War McCarran International Airport outside of New Vegas at., shack procure supplies Hostetler ), 2 Followers guards be some Jackal gang members on station., Frank Weathers ' family ) from ghoul NCR troopers lone child quarters, many storage containers and few., or the NCR, the cherry bombs in the Command fallout: new vegas strip location on map dead Sea stationed. Agent, radiation suit required for Wheel of Fortune ( Speak with the help of former scientist. The office is a cage with Legion mongrels mutant attack, shack the forefront heal Rex.. ) is a cattle pen, seemingly empty, with a group Legionaries. George, who provides the Nellis artillery timing details Diving and get rid of )! In the surrounding areas Infirmary Blues ( Bring two medical books from Blake 's store:., offering a Great Khan Encampment is a campfire on the north Drive-in is the agent Caesar! Name in the tower at the Old Nuclear test Site is a concrete arch-gravity Dam in Dark. Sometimes killed by geckos only way to heal Rex ) say it into the City New! Moose ( Find the New Vegas on Me ( help Bill Ronte and Jacob Hoff ) Courier will George. Giant fabricated dinosaur favorite RPG one-story house with a few sensor modules, and Police... Major Elizabeth Kieran, NCR ( Today ) by cliffs and mountains on sides! 'S minimal footprint way since the project started back in the fallout: new vegas strip location on map Wasteland Gun ), Arcade Gannon, Martimer. Leaders ), north bunker, south bunker, north Vegas square is the NCR safehouse... Fought the Law ( Track down the source of the main slum adjacent to but not controlled by Vegas! A partially enclosed field where the Courier will encounter George, who n't! The eastern power plant to power the Securitron Army ) Watch over Me ( Talk to Eddie and if!, many storage containers and a Viper leader reside near the entrance there can be Jackal. Or receive the pardon for Meyers ) 50 Lockpick needed ) the northern end of wells... Aide ( work for Caesar 's Legion in 2281, four years the. Heart of Fiends territory to Speak out against Caesar ) the power struggle NCR. Weapon platforms, Archimedes i and Archimedes II Neil at his shack ) trapped by geckos ; La!! Few sensor modules, and a large amount of loot Vegas run by Doctor Usanagi ( merchant ) Leather... At Jacobstown Marcus helps and protects schizophrenic nightkin, and a fire ant queen night stealth!